NishaManaging Director

Nisha is Hillview"s Managing Director, having been a professional Landlord for over 20 years. Her focus on building trustworthy relationships with Landlords and Tenants has been key to the organic growth of the business in the last 15 years. Nisha is a firm believer in practical and hands-on-experience, which has proved invaluable for staying abreast of the ever-changing industry regulations. She mostly enjoys staging property interiors for clients and during her downtime, travelling exploring new places and looking for new opportunities to expand and diversify.


SashaLettings Negotiator

Sasha is our Senior Lettings negotiator with 14 years experience in the property rental sector. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her Masters in Information Technology, with a strong background in online security training and enhanced GDPR awareness. Sasha"s curiosity and determination to get things right is an asset to Hillview"s client relationships. Outside the office, Sasha is an avid Tennis player with an appreciation for fitness.


JackieProperty Management

Jackie is our Senior Property Manager with an impressive career spanning two decades. In addition to a BSc in Psychology, she holds expertise in HMO licensing, property inspections and the management of evictions. As a landlord herself, Jackie brings a unique perspective and empathy to her interactions, which makes her a skilled communicator in the areas of negotiation and conflict resolution. Outside her professional endeavours, Jackie is a qualified wine consultant and Member of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.


NadiaProperty Management

Nadia is our Senior Property Manager, who oversees the relationship between Landlords and tenants. Her background in Residential Property management and business communications make her an asset in delivering quality client experience. Her core values include integrity and efficiency, which makes her a dependable point of contact for safety and repairs. In her spare time, Nadia enjoys exploring new towns and cities across the U.K.



Sheryar is our dedicated accountant with a background in finance and passion for number-crunching. Outside his professional success, Sheryar enjoys quality family time and globe-trotting adventures.


MariaAccounts And Administration

Maria leads our Accounts and Administration department, managing our relationship with the government and general public. With over a decade of expertise from her time in the public sector, Maria has a knack for problem-solving that makes her an invaluable member of the team. Outside the office, Maria is an avid explorer of human psychology, with a keen interest in conspiracy theories.


DaniellaBranding & Marketing

Daniella leads our Branding & Marketing department, managing Hillview’s online website and social media. She holds an MA in French and English literature with a background in Tech Sales, which makes her an asset to the team in handling client relations. Outside the office, Daniella is an educational mentor and dancer of Cuban salsa.